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Save your memories from old tapes to DVDs

We bring your memories into the modern age with our state-of-the-art video tape conversion and restoration technology.


We get it, converting your old tapes is a pain.
We take out the hassle with our free pick up and drop off service.
Just ask for a quote or place an order and we’ll help schedule your free pick-up.

RetroConvert is a local Cleveland company and offers scheduled pick up and drop off services for all customers in Northeast Ohio. Call to schedule your pickup today!

Our simple pricing charges per tape:

Tape to DVD: $20 per tape

Tapes under 30 minutes are 50% off


Call with questions or to place an order:

Place an order online:
[email protected]

Other inquiries:
[email protected]


How long will my transfer take?

After picking up your tapes, we guarantee no more than three weeks to schedule a drop off.

Can I transfer my reels of film, photo slides, super 8 cartridges, or reel-to-reel audio to disc?

For inquiries others than VHS tapes, see our Special Service form.